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BNSS Ltd is member of BCMG

BNSS Ltd became a full member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology. The Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology is a national non-governmental, non-profit organization representing business from the area of mining and related activities and services, established in 1991.
Since its establishment the Chamber has been an organizational member of the Bulgarian Industrial Association; later on it became member of the European Association of Mining Industries (EUROMINES), European Association for Coal and Lignite (EURACOAL) and Confederation of the Employers and the Industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB).
Currently the organization has around 100 members from the following eight industries: Extraction of Ferrous Ores, Extraction of Non-Ferrous Ores - Industrial Materials, Extracion of Oil and Natural Gas, Coal Mining, Extraction of Inert and Construction Materials, Extraction of Marbles and Granites, Geology, Accompanying Activities - Science, Engineering, Mining, Construction, Trade, etc

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